It’s all about you…

And what you envisage and have in your heart for your wedding day. Our role is to bring that to life in a practical way and take care of all the wedding planning details for you so that you can relax into the magic of it and just enjoy the beauty and poignancy of such a special moment in your lives.

Whether it’s a very classic, modern event which is kept simple with a pared back refined elegance, or something more quirky, hand made and light hearted, every single wedding we do has the Frank and Joy signature of being detailed, beautifully elegant and always a true reflection of who you are.

We take on a strictly limited number of wedding planning clients per year so it is important that working together is the right fit for both of us. You can always feel it…and when it comes to your wedding day, working with someone who really gets you, and who you feel great about entrusting this moment to is all that really matters. Contact us¬†for more information about planning your wedding.